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KIBO Programming Robot for Young Kids

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One of the things we love about KickStarter is we get to see and sponsor the cutting edge in technology products…we especially love high-tech educational toys.  Over the last few years the Creation Station Founders have sponsored more than 20 projects including a few that we plan to incorporate into our activities and curriculum.  Projects that inspire the mind, encourage learning and that are just plain cool, inspire us!

All of this leads me to KIBO.


What is KIBO you ask?

KIBO is a robot kit specifically designed for young children aged 4-7 years old. It is different from any other kit out there because it appeals to both technically minded kids and those that connect more to arts and culture or physical activity. Young children learn by doing. Children build their own robot with KIBO, program it to do what they want, and decorate it. KIBO gives children the chance to make their ideas physical and tangible—exactly what their young minds and bodies need. And KIBO does all this without requiring screen time from PCs, tablets or smartphones.

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Creation Station is proud to have sponsored this project and will have two KIBO Robots for our members to explore by the end of the year.

Good Luck to KIBO on their campaign!!!

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