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Meet The Cubelets

Science has always been a subject that stimulates our imagination and robotics is one aspect of science which catches our attention from an early age – and continues doing so as we grow up. Robotics is perceived to be beyond layman’s comprehensive powers. Understanding it has always been associated with “rocket science” and this has kept the common man on the street away from it. If your perception about it has been the same, reading further is highly recommended.

The good folks at Modular Robotics have come up with the innovative little Cubelets – tiny robotic building blocks that give you the imaginative freedom to experiment with various combinations. You do not need to know the internal intricacies of the Cubelets such as their mechanical configuration or the functioning mechanism. They enable you to configure your very own robots without learning any programming language. They provide you the perfect platform to configure a sophisticated machine by assimilating the power of simple interactions.

These little toys are simple enough to be used by an 8 year old. The individual units, which respond to different stimuli such as light, temperature, sound, etc can be snapped together to form a number of unique robots. They can primarily be classified into the following three categories, based upon their behavior and sensitivity:

Sense Blocks: Act like our sensory organs such as eyes, ears and skin
Action Blocks: Responsible for the movements
Think Blocks: Gathers the information about the inputs provided and determines the action


The functioning of each of these blocks is very easy to understand and once you understand it, let your imagination weave magic by creating combinations. Watch this video to get a glimpse into the fascinating world of Cubelets.

The applications shown in the video is just an introduction to these tiny marvels. The application of Cubelets to solve real life problems are only limited by your imagination. For example, you can design a robot that flashes rotating LEDs once it detects something in its proximity – a perfect theft protection alarm. Or, you can make a robot which sounds an alarm once it is subjected to a particular temperature.

After reading so much about it and having glanced into the world of the Cubelets, it would be unfair on our part to prevent you from playing with them. We have covered that base as well and guess what – they will soon be available for to experience at the Creation Station! You can step into our open access play and discovery center and find Cubelets and we are sure the scientist within you would seize control from there. If you end up falling in love with them (which is inevitable) and want to take them home with you, there is a slightly longer wait – they would be available for sale before the holiday season.

Till then, introduce yourself and your family to the world of Cubelets and fasten your seat belts for an extraordinary journey into the world of robotics.

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