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Experience Next Gen Technology @ Creation Station’s Maker Space

Creation Station will always aim to bridge the gap between technology and the layman. Our High – Tech Learning Center is dedicated to achieving that objective. Staying true to our tradition, we now announce our next technological initiative through our dedicated Maker Space.

Our Maker Space is the dedicated technology zone at Creation Station which makes next generation technology accessible to people of all skill levels – children and adults. The focus is on the latest electronic technologies that are all set to change the way we perform our daily tasks. The focus has always been to bust the centuries old myth that experimenting with the latest technologies is beyond the common man – a stuff of geeks.

This Ted Talk gives you a sneak peek into the importance of education and the roles Maker Space and Hackerspace have to play in it.

Our Maker Space will soon open its doors to the next set of gadgets and welcomes you all to experience the technologies first hand in a safe, controlled environment under the guidance of experts to ensure that you do not go wrong. It also gives you a chance to explore and experiment with the available gadgets and derive the maximum benefit out of our initiative. The tools we will have available to learn and use include:

  • 3D Printer
  • Laser cutter
  • Electronics work stations
  • Electronics prototyping tools
  • Computer Workstations

3D printers are the buzzword in the industry and they have revolutionized the way we have been printing for decades. These are used to produce three dimensional models of objects through additive process in which successive layers of objects are laid down to add a third dimension to the traditional two dimensional printing. A Laser Cutter is an equally useful tool, which applies laser beams to cut through and engrave various materials. Though it is widely used in the manufacturing processes of the industries, it is equally useful on a smaller scale at schools, hospitals, houses and by hobbyists an artists. The power of laser beams is assimilated and utilized through computer programming to achieve the levels of precision never seen before.

We hope enough curiosity has been generated within you and we would now like to keep the lid on the rest of the tools. Trust us, no matter in how much detail we explain things here, there is nothing like the thrill of holding a new tool in your hands and learning by doing things yourself. The image below, of Rochester Maker Space, is indicative of the fact that we welcome people from all age groups.

So, what keeps you waiting? Come down to Creation Stations Maker Space with family, friends, children and anyone else you know and join us on our journey to decoding the futuristic technological wonders. The willingness to experiment and learn is the only prerequisite. It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert programmer or a complete novice with machines – chances are that you WILL learn a lot in either case. Whether you are an adult looking to learn prototyping using computer workstations or you are a parent and want to introduce your child to the world of computers, OUR Maker Space has something for everyone.

See you at Creation Stations Maker Space!

Opening September 2014!

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