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Purple Stormgears, All Girls FLL Team

Purple Stormgears, an all girls FIRST Lego League (FLL) Team from Westford, MA participated in the Leominster, MA Regional FLL Qualifying Tournament. The Purple Stormgears won the ‘Programming Award’ – which recognizes a team that utilizes outstanding programming principles. The team also qualifyied to participate in the upcoming Massachusetts State FLL Championship RoboNautica to be held in WPI on Dec 20th, 2014.

The Purple Stormgears built a Lego Mindstorm Robot that scored the 6th place overall and also worked on a research project related to ‘Concussions in Soccer’. In the recent times there is a growing concern of young girls being subject to concussion while playing soccer. Most of the time the concussion is the result of repeated heading of the ball, collision with other players or falling down, are girls doing something different than boys? How do girls learn to head the ball while learning soccer? Are they using proper technique? What precautions they can take to protect from repeated concussions?

The team has also reached out to Westford Soccer Association and other Soccer Teams at the Westford Town Schools to create an awareness about identifying and preventing concussions.

Team: Amita Vellal, Venus Aradhya, Nandu Vellal (Coach), Neha Hemanth, Veronica Cheng, Nithya Sunkarapalli (In photo left to right). Raga Pulya (Not in Picture).

Team: Nithya Sunkarapalli, Raga Pulya, Veronica Cheng, Venus Aradhya, Amita Vellal,  Neha Hemanth, Nandu Vellal (Coach) (In photo left to right).

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