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Monthly archive for January 2015

STEM your Kid’s Birthday Party this Year

Birthday’s are one of those rare occasions when you tend to cut some slack in terms of the activities your child could do. But now you don’t have to feel guilty that your child wasted all that time by playing. Your child can have all the fun

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Why your Child should learn Scratch Programming?

What is Scratch? Scratch is an online program that kids as young as 5 years can use to express their online creations artistically while collaborating and sharing with other online Users. Scratch has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface where the Users will choose blocks of instructions to perform

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Merry-go-round using Knex, Lego WeDo and Scratch Programming

Well, what’s up with all of this “Merry-go-round” stuff that I am working on? (See my other blog on the same topic using LittleBits). Well I am trying out various Programming stuff that can interface the Physical World, especially for Younger kids (kids ages 6 – 8

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