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We are the Blue Stormgears from Westford, MA. We are one of the Middlesex County Robotics Club teams who won a qualifier championship at Blackstone Valley Technical School and selected for the state championship.

We want to tell you about our journey through FLL this season. Our team has had great loads of fun and we have done a great job working together. Our Robot has been doing well, we thrive in Core Values! Now, for our Project, our problem is plastic bags. We have two solutions to it.

One of our solutions is Awareness. We have given most of our school class surveys. The survey suggests that most people go shopping one to two times a week, most people mix plastic bags with trash. Most people also use plastic bags. We also hung up posters in our schools to raise awareness in our community.

The second part is the prototype we have come up with as a team. Our prototype, the Blue Combo Box that separates trash and plastic bags. Most plastic bags don’t get recycled the proper way and the end up in the trash. They can harm people and the environment. If a fish eats plastic, it could be on your dinner plate! Think about how this could affect your life! What if you eat the fish? It can get into our clean water sources (only 3 percent left) and may be in your water or in the water that animals drink from. If plastic bags get burned in an incinerator with other trash, it can contribute to global warming. Thankfully, our prototype helps you separate your trash and your plastic bags. You can put the bag into the plastic bag bin instead of the trash bin.

If you would like use our prototype. Please post a comment on this page with your answer, or if you have any questions please ask us. Thank you very much for reading our blog! If you liked our blog please follow us! or visit us @

-The Blue Stormgears

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